On-Campus Labs

The Teaching Labs are available for use by Computer Science Students. All are located in the Bahen Centre, 40 St George Street.

BA2200, BA2210, BA2220, BA2240, BA3175, BA3185, BA3195
Rooms with many Teaching Labs workstation computers. Most also have some spaces with monitors for laptop use.
BA2230, BA3200
Rooms with just tables and chairs, for laptop and other study use. BA3200 also has a few Teaching Labs computers.

Labs in the Bahen Centre, and the building itself, are available during term time 24 hours every day. Only students in a Computer Science program or enrolled in at least one CSC course are allowed entry; to access a lab room (or the building after business hours) swipe your T-Card in the card reader by the door. Access permissions are updated regularly from the university’s enrollment database; it may take a day or so for locks to be updated.

BA3200 is available only to students enrolled in a Computer Science program.

Rooms are sometimes reserved at certain times for teaching a specific course, or (BA3200 especially) to hold a special event. Check the signs on the door or https://www.teach.cs.toronto.edu/booking for times.