CSC 236: Introduction to the Theory of Computation

University of Toronto, Fall 2004

Section L0101Section L5101
Alan J RosenthalGary Baumgartner
Lectures:MW 10, SS 2102R 7-9, BA 1180
Office:BA 4234SF 4306D
Office hours:M 12:30-1:30, T 5:30-6:30MW 2:00-4:00

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If you have a 2003 edition of the CSC 236 notes, you can use that. Vassos Hadzilacos has written a document outlining the differences (in PDF); they are minor, and nothing is renumbered.

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Assignment five, all day section unclaimed term work, and most evening section unclaimed term work is now at the CSSU.


Assignment four will be due at 18:00 on Monday November 22. (However, assignment five will still be due on December 2 as scheduled.)

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