Honorable Mentions for Winter 2003

"Vince-anity" by Carlos Moreira and Edwin Liang

"Sumo Stars" by Mohammad Islam and Paul Yeung

"Toonland" by Chinh Nguyen

"Bilal vs. Marcel" by Bilal Ahmed and Marcel Wirantono*

Ray Tracing by Kushal Munir and Fiona Fung
first image full size
second image full size
third image full size

"Story of A Little Ninja" by Nikka Cai and Brian Ho

"Crouching Tiger, Flying Birds" by Edwin Avecillas, Miklos Andras, and Kashfi Mahmud*

"007" Winamp Plugin by Nick Dargus and Dan De Araujo*

"Puzzled Galaxy by John Yang*

"The Matrix Reloaded" by George Giakkoupis and Stavros Vassos

*Honorable Mention files over 10 MB are not included here.