CSC108H (St George, Winter 2018): Introduction to Computer Programming

This page is under construction, and is subject to change. The complete CSC108H course website will be available closer to the first day of classes.


Welcome to the course webpage for the Winter 2018 term of CSC108H, an Introduction to Computer Programming, on the St. George campus. This course teaches the basics of programming in Python, which is an industrial-strength programming language used at companies like Google and Industrial Light and Magic. This course is designed for people who have no programming experience whatsoever.

CSC108H is one of several introductory CS courses offered by the Computer Science department. See this page for information on other intro CS courses.

What are all the lecture sections?

There are five lecture sections on the St. George campus. Three of them, L0101 (MWF1), L0301 (MWF2), L5101 (W6-9), use an inverted classroom approach to helping you learn the material. One of them, L9901, is a fully-online section (except for the final exam). The last, L0201 (MWF1), uses a mastery approach to learning the material.

Not sure which to take? Come read our Choosing a Section page.