CSC108H Summer 2018: The Teaching Labs


The CS department's Teaching Labs provide computing support for courses in Computer Science. A Teaching Labs account will be created for you a before the start of term, and you will be sent an email notification. You will use this account when you log into one of the computers in the DCS Teaching Labs in the Bahen Centre.

Your Teaching Labs account and password

There is an Introduction For New Computer Science Students On Teaching Labs. We recommend that you at least skim it. Here are two essentials:

To use the labs, will need to know your Teaching Labs username. If you entered an email address in ROSI, the details will have been sent there, if not (or if you've forgotten) you can look up your Teaching Labs account.

If you ever forget your password, you must bring your student ID card the Teaching Labs offices in BA3224 (in the southwest corner of the third floor of Bahen) to have reset.

Doing your work in our Teaching Labs labs

Here is a list of Teaching Labs lab rooms: BA2200, BA2210, BA2220, BA2230, BA2240, BA2270, BA3175, BA3185, BA3195, BA3200, and BA3219. You are welcome to use any of the Teaching Labs labs for your course work, as long as they aren't reserved for a particular course.

You have access to the Bahen Centre ("BA") and our Teaching Labs 24 hours a day. To enter one of the labs you will need to swipe your T-Card through the card reader that is installed outside of each door. You can also use your T-Card to get into the building itself during off hours.

Accessing Teaching Labs remotely

In order to access Teaching Labs remotely using your own computer, you will need to install additional software, called NX client software, on your computer. The Teaching Labs website provides detailed instructions. To view these instructions, you will need to enter your Teaching Labs account name and password.