CSC108H Summer 2018: Exercises

Programming Course Resource System (PCRS)

Each week, you will solve programming exercises using an online tool called the Programming Course Resource System (PCRS). Use your UTORid to log in.

Using PCRS

There is no limit on the number of times you can attempt a problem. You will be marked on your last attempt before the due date. You can also redo the problems for practice after the due date has passed, without affecting your mark.

PCRS contains a Python Visualizer which you can use to help understand your code. Many students find this tool very useful.

PCRS Marking Scheme

See the Syllabus for the weight of the Prepare and Perform exercises.

In the system, each exercise will be "out of" however many options there are for a Multiple Choice question, and how many test cases there are for Python questions.

To compute your mark for each exercise, each Multiple Choice question will be scaled to be worth 1 mark, and each Python programming question will be scaled to be worth 3 marks.