CSC108H Summer 2018: Assignments


Assignment Topic Weight Due Date
Assignment 1: Admissions System functions, if statements, variables, strings, constants 5% Tuesday, May 29 before 10:00:00 p.m.

All assignments must be done individually.

Assignment Submission

The assignments will be submitted electronically, using MarkUs. You will log in using your UTORid and password.

To submit your work, navigate to the MarkUs page for the particular assignment, then click on the "Submissions" tab near the top. Click "Add New File" and use the "Choose Files" button to choose a file. Then click "Submit". You can submit a new version of a file later (before the deadline, of course).

Once you have submitted, click on the file's name to check that you submitted the correct version!

Late Penalty

We recognize that unexpected problems sometimes make it difficult to submit assignments on time. For this reason we will accept limited late assignments with a penalty. There is a one hour grace period after the assignment is due in which no late penalty is applied. For the next five hours after the deadline, the deduction will be 5% (of the total possible mark) per hour. For the next five hours, the additional deduction will be 15% per hour. Here it is broken down by hour:

On time no penalty
up to 1 hour late no penalty
up to 2 hours late 5% penalty
up to 3 hours late 10% penalty
up to 4 hours late 15% penalty
up to 5 hours late 20% penalty
up to 6 hours late 25% penalty
up to 7 hours late 40% penalty
up to 8 hours late 55% penalty
up to 9 hours late 70% penalty
up to 10 hours late 85% penalty
after 10 hours late 100% penalty

See the Policies and Forms webpage on what to do in case of serious emergencies.