CSC108H Fall 2017: Test/Exam

Final Exam

Cover page for the exam.

Python function/method desciptions provided with the exam.

The Final Exam timetable for the Faculty of Arts and Science is available here:

The Faculty of Arts & Science runs the final exams. You should review all of their policies carefully, including the "Rules for the Conduct of Examinations".

Exam Preparation Sessions

On Thursday, December 7th, there will be four exam preparation sessions. You are welcome to attend whichever session(s) work best for you:

See the help calendar for pre-exam office hours (to be scheduled).

Past Final Exams

A word of advice: study first without looking at the solutions. Remember that on the exam, you will have to be able to produce your own solution, not just agree that an existing solution is correct.

Note: These solutions were not formatted for posting and may contain small errors that previous instructors didn't fix in the files. For some problems, there may be more than one correct solution. If you have questions about solutions, please ask on Piazza.

There are additional exams (without solutions) posted in UofT's online exam bank. Log in to Portal and click on the link to the Old Exam Repository.

Fall 2017 Midterm Sample Solutions