CSC108H Fall 2017: Test/Exam

About the Midterm

Midterm Help Page

Here is the list of function/method descriptions that will be provided on the test.

Students' Frequently Asked Questions on Midterm Topics

We've identified some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) that students have been asking about course material that might be included on the midterm, such as for vs. while loops, when to use range, etc.

Past Midterm Tests

A word of advice: study first without looking at the solutions. Remember, you won't have solutions to refer to during the test - make sure you focus on how to solve each problem, rather than just what the answer is.

Note: These solutions were not formatted for posting and may contain small errors that previous instructors didn't fix in the files. For some problems, there may be more than one correct solution. If you have questions about solutions, please ask on Piazza.