CSC108H Fall 2017: Policies and Forms

Special Consideration

Students experiencing illness or other emergencies that prevent them from being able to complete homework on time, or write the midterm, can apply to the Course Coordinator for special consideration. You will be required to affirm that you are abiding by the Code of Behaviour on Academic Matters, in particular that it is an offence

to engage in any form of cheating, academic dishonesty or misconduct, fraud or misrepresentation not herein otherwise described, in order to obtain academic credit or other academic advantage of any kind
that is, that you are truly experiencing an emergency, and acknowledge that to falsely claim so is an academic offence. Applying does not guarantee that you will be granted special consideration.

To apply for special consideration in CSC108, email the Course Coordinator ( from your UofT email address and include the following:

  1. Your UTORid and student number.
  2. The coursework you are applying for special consideration on.
  3. The date when you think you will to be able to complete coursework again.
  4. An affirmation that you are experiencing a personal emergency, and understand that to falsely claim so is an offence under the Code of Behaviour on Academic Matters. You do not need to provide details of the emergency.

IMPORTANT: Notify the course coordinator as soon as possible if you find yourself in such a situation. It is always easier to resolve situations earlier rather than later. If your emergency will affect your ability to complete coursework for more than a few days, or in multiple courses, we recommend you also talk to your registrar.

Note that this procedure does NOT apply to the final exam.

Remark Requests

Mistakes sometimes happen when marking. If you feel there is an issue with the marking of a piece of work, you may request that it be remarked.

You must give a specific reason for each request, referring to a possible error or omission by the marker.

To request an assignment remark, please use the Remark Request feature on MarkUs.
On-campus midterm
To request a remark for an on-campus midterm, fill in a paper remark request form and speak with the Course Coordinator in person during office hours. Please bring the original copy of the test.
Online midterm
To request a remark for the online midterm (section L9901), please email the Course Coordinator with the details of your remark request.
Final exam
The final exam remark process is handled by the Faculty of Arts and Science rather than the course instructors. Please follow the instructions on the Examinations website.