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TA office hours

TA office hours are not regular, but are scheduled around assignments and tests.

(This is, of course, in addition to my (ajr's) regular office hours; and I'm always replying to e-mail; and we can make an appointment for some other time if you can't make my Monday office hour.)

The upcoming schedule so far is:

Times more than a week in the future are subject to change -- please check back closer to the date to confirm.

The TA will be in BA 2210 at the above-specified times, wearing a "Hello!" name tag which says "CSC 209 TA", or otherwise bearing appropriate signage.

Please come over to ask us your questions (if no one's asking us stuff, we'll probably use a computer to do some other work, so let us know you're wanting to ask something). The point of having us in the lab is that we can help you with your problems right there, so feel free to ask us to follow you back to your computer to help you with whatever difficulty you are having.