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CSC 209 labs

Lab tutorials in CSC 209 are held in BA 3175, 3185, and 3195. You will work in pairs, although if (and only if) there are enough computers, you can work individually if you wish.

I've heard from the TAs that BA 3195 is being severely underutilized, apparently because people prefer to walk five metres less... well, those of you willing to walk the extra five metres will find a much less full room with more TA attention!

During the lab you will do exercises as listed below. In most weeks there is some component of the lab which is graded. In most cases the exercises are intended to be able to be completed during the lab time; however, the submission deadline is actually midnight at the end of Thursday.

Some weeks have assigned labs even though the Monday is a holiday and hence there are no lab tutorials. These labs are ones for which I think you are less likely to need the help of a TA. See the course schedule for the schedule, or just look at the dates below.

The labs

Note: You can look ahead, but please don't do anything committal for a lab which is more than a week in the future, such as printing out the pages. Some of the following pages are in progress.