General Information

Coach: Denis Pankratov, email: first_name dot last_name at gmail dot com

Assistant coach: Colin Li, email: colin dot qiyang dot li at gmail dot com

Reading group: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/acmuoft

About ACM ICPC: https://icpc.baylor.edu/

About our region (East Central North America Region): http://acm-ecna.ysu.edu/

Individual practice resources: Codeforces, TopCoder, UVa Online Judge, Competitive Programming v1 free ebook, Topcoder Algorithm Tutorials

More Practices!

Practice No Date Room Time Problem Set
5 Nov 4 BA3175 12PM-3PM PACNW2012
6 Nov 11 BA3175 12PM-3PM TBA
7 Nov 18 BA3175 12PM-3PM TBA
8 Nov 25 BA3175 12PM-3PM TBA

Teams of 2017/2018

UofT Blue: Neil Veira, Jierui (Jerry) Li, Feras Muki

UofT White: Dmitry Paramonov, Tudor Brindus, Teo Chaban

UofT Green: Xuechen Li, Qiyang Li, Kieran Zimmer

Practice Schedule

Practice No Date Room Time Problem Set
1 Oct 1 BA3175 12PM-5PM MCPC2013
2 Oct 7 BA3175 12PM-5PM PacNW 2016 (div1)
3 Oct 14 BA3175 12PM-5PM PacNW 2014 (div1)
4 Oct 21 BA3175 12PM-5PM Joint w/ Waterloo

Qualification Round: Sunday, September 24th (11:30am - 5pm). Rooms: BA3175, BA3185, BA3195

Update: Thank you everyone who participated in the qualification round! We had a great turnout. Special thanks to the assistant coach - Colin Li, who made the contest possible. You can find the test data and sample solutions here. If you have made it to one of the teams, you have been contacted by me. We shall keep running practices, and everyone is welcome and encouraged to join (see the schedule above).

Hi all! We seek to form 3 teams (each of 3 students) to represent UofT at ACM-ICPC Regional Round, which will take place on October 27-28th, 2017 in Windsor, ON. You have to be eligible according to the ACM rules to become a member of an UofT team.

Please register for the qualification using this form.

Prerequisites: You need to be comfortable with programming in either C/C++, Java or Python in Linux environment (and processing I/O from stdin/stdout). Previous experience with competitive programming or taking classes like CSC263/265 and CSC373 is definitely an advantage.

In this round you will work on your own. You are allowed to bring books and printed documents. Additionally, online documentation for programming languages is allowed. Working on your own laptop is allowed. If you don't have a CDF account, then make sure to bring your own laptop with installed programming languages and development environments.

Also please join our google group to get further updates!


Many thanks to the Department of Computer Science for providing funding and support, as well as to Computing Disciplines Facility (CDF) for hosting the website and online judge system!

Are you (your company) willing to kindly support our efforts by providing prizes for students? Please contact the coach.