CDF Labs are available for student use in the Bahen Center located at 40 St George St. (open 24 hours),

CDF Workstation Labs are in the following rooms: BA2200, BA2210, BA2220, BA2240, BA2270, BA3175, BA3185, BA3195 and BA3200. CDF Laptop Labs are located in: BA2230, BA2270 and BA3200.

The CDF labs in the Bahen Centre are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week during term time. It is controlled by a card-access lock system that restricts entry to authorized individuals. To enter one of the labs you will need to swipe your T-Card through the card reader that is installed outside of each door.

In general, access is granted to all students enrolled in a computer science course, or enrolled in the computer science program. We obtain this information from the University's Student Information System (SIS). We receive updated information from SIS on a reasonably frequent basis, and it should take one full day for newly enrolled students to get added to the lock system database.

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