New for Fall 2016

Here at the Computer Science Teaching labs, we have a number of changes this fall. We're changing our name, we're moving to a new convention for student login names, we're upgrading to a new version of Linux, and we're refreshing some of our laboratories. Here is some information about the changes. If you have any questions or concerns not answered here, you can send them by email to

Login name for students is now UTORid

In the past, we had student login names of the form "c" or "g", then a digit, then some letters (e.g. derived from your last name). The "c" accounts were course accounts, and the "g" accounts were program accounts that could be requested by people in a Computer Science Major or Specialist programme. As of Fall 2016, if you have a student account at the Teaching Labs, your computer account's login name will now be your UTORid. If you had a course or program account, it has been renamed to your UTORid. The password is unchanged.

Email to the old account name will be forwarded to the new name.

One consequence of this change is that anyone who is now enrolled in a Computer Science Major or Specialist program will automatically get additional disk and print quota that program accounts used to receive: you do not need to request a program account anymore to get this.

Q: I have an account that was renamed. My old account name is hardcoded in some of my configuration files? What do I do?

A: You will need to change those files. We have made a symlink from your old home directory name to your new one, so that old pathnames will still work. There are some options to refresh your account to like-new status by moving your old files to a subdirectory and giving you the startup files that new accounts get; you can do this at

Q: I just got a program account and I still have my course account. Which one gets renamed? What happens to the other one.

A: The program account will be renamed to your UTORid. The course account will eventually be deleted as normally happens when you get a program account.

CDF name retired

We are retiring the "Computing Disciplines Facility" (CDF) name. Our teaching labs will now simply be called the Computer Science Teaching Labs. The network name is changed from * to *

Q: What happens if someone emails to me at Will the email be lost?

A: No, the email will not be lost: email to you addressed to will be delivered instead to you at But do tell your correspondents to use the address.

Q: What happens if I try to connect to

A: The old network names will still work. You will get to if you try to go to

Upgrade to Ubuntu 14.04

We have upgraded the teaching lab computers to Ubuntu 14.04. Ubuntu 14.04 works similar to our previous version of Ubuntu (12.04) but some things are a little bit different. For example, if you have a .htaccess file for your web page, the version of the Apache web server is now 2.4 (the previous version was 2.2) and the syntax for some commands in .htaccess is changed slightly.

Refreshed Laboratories

We are refreshing BA3200, BA2210 and BA2240 this fall. They're all equipped with new machines, and new tables with USB and AC power. BA2210 and BA2240 are additionally equipped with a few monitors for laptop use.